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Smoking Area Air Purifiers

The Smoking Area Air Purifiers have been developed to reduce the harmful effects of tobacco smoke in the indoor environment. There are two models available, the AllerAir 4000 D/S and the Allerair 5000 D/S. The difference is in the amount of carbon they contain.

In addition to the Smoking Area Air Purifiers, AllerAir manufactures an extensive line of air purification units, from personal models up to industrial an commercial models. They are the leader in HEPA and carbon air filter machines for those suffering from Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. Please call our toll-free number (888)246-8776 for more information.

Effects from Tobacco Smoke

Smoke and invisible vapor from cigarettes, cigars, and pipes are some of the main causes of odors in smoking areas In restaurants, bars and other public and private AllerAir Smoking Area air filters removes odors and chemicals from rooms where people are smoking cigarettes, cigars or pipes.smoking areas. The odor is persistent and difficult to eliminate, even with a large amount of ventilation. However, it can be effectively removed with properly designed air purification equipment using the appropriate impregnated carbon media.

Smoking creates an irritating smog-like blue haze, which will disappear, but odors and chemicals associated with smoking will linger for days. Impregnated carbon media air purification can greatly reduce both the irritating vaporous portion of smoking and any stale odor that remain long afterwards.

Nature of Tobacco Smoke

Tobacco smoke consists of nicotine, tars, water vapor, carbon dioxide, and a substantial number of chemicals and many other irritants. Tars adhere to walls, AllerAir Smoking Area air filters removes odors and chemicals from homes, offices, restaurants and bars where people are smoking cigarettes, cigars or pipes.furniture, carpets, clothing and other articles having large surfaces. After most of the vapor and smoke in the air has been removed by the impregnated carbon media, the walls and other surfaces may retain a film of liquid tar, much of which slowly evaporates back into the air.

Carbon media is the most adsorbent material known to man, and is the adsorbent of choice by the military, industry, healthcare institutions, and of environmental organizations.

The appropriate impregnated carbon media, protected by matching a smoke specific prefilter, does not hide or mask the odors, chemicals and gases as some other systems do. AllerAir's units do not add ozone, which itself has been labeled a pollutant According to the American Lung Association and Health Canada, it is dangerous to one's health when you breathing additional ozone.

How Smoke Odor is Removed

When AllerAir impregnated media filtering (with the correct amount of modules) is first turned on in an already smoke-filled room, the first effect Is the removal of the sharp Fight the effects of second-hand smoke with the AllerAir Smoking Area air cleaners.irritants that affect the eyes and nose. If impregnated media filtering equipment is already running when smoke starts, the smoke and vapor is eliminated and an odor free condition can be obtained after smoking stops. This always depends on sufficient carbon modules, strategic placement, appropriate matching prefilters, adequate maintenance and operating modules 24 hours a day.

The elimination of the less acrid tar and chemical odor, and the reduction of the visible mist of liquid tar require little time in most settings. The removal of the remaining odor, which comes from tar and chemical re-emissions from walls, carpets, draperies and furniture, may take several hours to many days, depending on smoking volumes.

In countless test scenarios, carbon filtration and specifically impregnated carbon media filtration, has been shown to be exceptionally effident for removing tobacco smoke and other odors. For optimum effectiveness one should run the unit on low or the medium setting continuously as tobacco smoke dings to and coats most hard and soft surfaces. When premises are closed, the units should continue running to adsorb the residual tobacco odors and chemicals.

Electronic filtration devices filter the particles out of smoke, (if you wash and clean the filters at least every 2 weeks. However, electronic filtration devices are ineffective in dealing with chemicals and odors, (aspects of tobacco smoke which are most harmful and irritating). Electronic filters also produce Ozone; furthermore when there is a build up of tobacco tar on the electronic plates, additional toxic materials are produce from the heating and burning of this tar.

Cost Savings

When an AllerAir air purifier is used (specifically designed for tobacco smoke with appropriate impregnated carbon and matching prefilters), indoor air can be recirculated. Therefore, it is possible to save the costs of energy and maintenance of the heating and cooling systems used to pump in outdoor air. AllerAir air purifiers can save you money on cleaning bills. These savings alone can more than pay for the air purification system.

The carbon media can be replaced easily and at minimal cost. Because the carbon is in granular form, it can be easily discarded and replaced without the need to purchase a complete new filter.

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