AllerAir manufacturers the 5000 Executive Air Filtering Purification System with HEPA, Carbon and UV - The gas mask you don't have to wear.

AllerAir 5000 Executive
with Ultraviolet Bulb

We have recommended the AllerAir 5000 Executive UV air purifier to many of our clients because of its ability to protect on multiple levels.

The AllerAir 5000 Executive UV is an excellent air filtration system that offers protection from airborne pathogens (bacteria, viruses, mold spores), toxic chemicals, and particulates.

The AllerAir 5000 Executive UV

  • Air Purification System with Germicidal UV bulbs,

  • True HEPA to remove particles down to .3 micron

  • Carbon blend to remove toxic gases and odors
  • Air Filter with UV - AllerAir Executive 5000 Germicidal 6-stage air filtering purification system with HEPA, carbon and ultraviolet bulbs

    Summary of Features
    HEPA Filter 99.97% efficient down to .3 microns and will take out some smaller particles as well. Two anti-microbial filters are included at no charge.
    Carbon Filter 13-15 pounds of granular activated carbon processed from coconut shell and potassium permanganate. Will absorb odors and volatile organic copounds, such as chemical fumes from (Many other specially-blended carbons available for specialized needs.)
    Germicidal UV Germicidal ultraviolet radiation has been shown to be effective in killing infectious matter including bacteria, viruses and mold spores. The UV component of this air purifier will remove more bacteria from the air than by ventilating a room at the rate of 100 air exchanges per hour." 10 watts, 425 mA, 10" long. Ultraviolet output 185nm-2.3w, @ 1 meter 24 microwatts per No ozone output.
    Coverage The AllerAir 5000 Executive UV will handle an area up to 1500 sq ft. It utilizes a 400 CFM motor (Cubic Feet per Minute).
    Energy Consumption This air purifier uses only 100 watts on highest setting. (Note: Models with UV bulbs are most effective at low and medium speeds.)
    Price $699
    Free Shipping
    Options This unit can be upgraded to the VOCARB carbon blend which has an ever greater capacity to absorb volatile organic compounds. Add $100.

    We can customize the AllerAir 5000 Executive 5000 to use the "J" bulb ultraviolet light. The straight UV bulb is ten inches long; the "J" bulb is seventeen inches along and provided a longer exposure time for killing pathogens. Add $100 for this upgrade. (This is the bulb used in the Sentinel 5000.)

    AllerAir makes many excellent air purification models from portables to whole-house systems. Please call for additional information.

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    We have extended our hours to 8:00pm Pacific time and are open on weekends. We'll be available to discuss this air filter or any of our other excellent brands.

    Air purifier with UV - AllerAir Executive 5000 Germicidal 6-stage air filtering purification system with HEPA, carbon and ultraviolet bulbs

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    Air purifier with UV - AllerAir Executive 5000 Germicidal 6-stage air filtering purification system with HEPA, carbon and ultraviolet bulbs.

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